Until a few years ago, the ability to record telephone calls was regarded as something only for big companies with large budgets, but today call recording is within the reach of anyone. VoIP call recording can provide SMEs and growing businesses with information which can help in a number of ways.

Recording your calls can be of considerable use for dispute resolution. It is one thing taking notes during a call, although even that is not always accurate, but in most cases, notes are taken after the call has ended. This leaves plenty of room for error, with people not remembering exactly what was said, or putting a different interpretation on something. VoIP call recording leaves no room for doubt and can help to diffuse a difficult situation.

Using a VoiP phone call recording system can be extremely useful for certain professions such as medical and financial services. In some instances, it can be a required activity. Certainly, typed notes can be added to customer or patient files, but having access to exactly what was said with a call recording solution can help to fill in any gaps.

VoIP call recording can most certainly help with staff training. Recording calls and playing them to your staff can help to show them what a good call sounds like, and can also identify a good sales pitch. You can analyse what was said and what persuaded a customer to buy. In addition, it can show what went wrong when no sale was made. You can also use call recording to check on how well individual employees are performing. Furthermore, if staff know that VoIP phone calls are being recorded, it will keep them on their toes.

NEC phone systems offer MyCalls which is a complete call management solution for their Univerge SV9100 and other NEC systems. Contact us to learn more.