Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows you to communicate by voice over your internet connection. It has also become the medium over which to deliver VoIP telephony. It is a cost-effective, and is totally flexible and scalable.

Apart from any other consideration, BT are withdrawing their ISDN network in 2025, so business users will have to use some form of SIP lines or hosted applications in order to communicate by telephone. At PTL Voice & Data Solutions we can help you with SIP trunking and a cost-effective VoIP phone system and make transferring easy, many years’ experience.

One of the advantages of using SIP trunking lines like this is that, because it is cloud based, you can use a phone number from anywhere in the UK or most of Europe if you wish, assuming you have an Internet connection. If you are working from your home office in the depths of Derbyshire, you can make it appear that your business is based in the West End of London. It also means that you can keep your existing phone number even if you move your business somewhere else.

Using SIP lines with VoIP means that you can connect remote users.Plug in a phone and they are connected. Using SIP lines also means that you can have access to lots of features such as call recording, call logging, and call queueing without the need for any extra software.

At PTL Voice & Data Solutions we can install NEC phone systems or a Cloud Based system using SIP lines that have Auto Attendant, music on hold, conference calling, click to dial from any web browser, and a whole lot more. There are also mobile and PC apps available.