VoIP and Hosted Telephone Systems

Our IPBX platform is securely hosted cloud based telephone system that means all you need on site is your IP telephones and an Internet connection. By having your VoIP and hosted telephony system in the cloud you never have to worry about buying, upgrading and servicing any equipment on your site apart from the telephones.

BT are withdrawing their ISDN network in 2025, less than 8 years away and there are still over 2 million ISDN lines in the UK which must be converted. Business in the UK will have to use some form of SIP or hosted applications to communicate.
PTL Voice and data can asses your requirements and offer an independent, unbiased and cost effective VoIP or cloud based hosted solution to ensure your business communications continue to run smoothly.

Migrating to VoIP or hosted  from ISDN is easy with PTL as we have many years experience of doing this.

We have extensive knowledge of the products and solutions available and can pass this on to our customers.

The Benefits of Hosted / VoIP

Raft of Features

You have access to a raft of features such as call recording, call queuing and call logging of all calls,without spending a lot of money a fortune on additional software and licences.

One Number Communication

Callers call just one number whether to a desk phone, mobile phone or to a voicemail box seamlessly without hanging up.

Number Options

Because its Cloud based you can have telephones numbers from anywhere in the UK and most European countries and the USA.

Moving premises

SIP lines or a hosted cloud based telephone solution is also a perfect way to keep your telephone numbers if you are relocating or want to have telephone numbers from another location in the UK or Europe.

Flexible Working

If you move premises or take on home workers, simply plug in a phone and you are connected, with no need to lose your established phone numbers or pay for extra phone lines for staff.
You can easily join offices together and seamlessly connect home and remote users.

IPBX Hosted Telephony Features Include:

  • Call reporting
  • Call queueing
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail to email
  • Mobile and PC apps available
  • Click to dial from any web browser
  • Auto attendant
  • Music on hold
  • Conference calling and 3 way calls
  • Wall boards

IPBX Telephones and Accessories

Using brands such as Cisco, Yealink, Panasonic, Polycom, Plantronics and Netgear,  our IP phones are supplied pre configured and ready to connect.

We can also supply accessories such as headsets, add on key modules, Power supplies and POE switches.

WiFi Installation