The MyCalls call management system is the complete solution for the NEC SV9100 and other NEC systems. It now has the new MyCalls Operator Console and other new additions, and the suite of applications includes call management, call centre management, call recording, and CTI.

For example, you could be losing business because of missed calls, but if you don’t know you missed them there is not much you can do about it. NEC MyCalls highlights every missed call as it happens which gives you the chance to call back quickly.

MyCalls logs every call to and from your system including abandoned calls which can result in dissatisfied customers and lost sales. The MyCalls call management software records a lot of information such as source and destination telephone numbers, duration of calls, time of calls, extension activity, and caller waiting times.

The on-screen display shows a range of statistics such as average time taken to answer calls, totals of incoming and outgoing calls each day, and abandoned calls, and can be customised to suit your particular business. The NEC MyCalls experts have included call logging that shows peak time call volumes which enables you to balance staffing levels to match them.

The NEC MyCalls Call Manager provides managers with a real-time overview of what is going on. It will show who is on a call, who is holding, who is off-hook, and how many callers abandon. This data can be displayed in real time on a wall board which provides motivation for individuals and teams.

With the MyCalls call management software you can also specify rules. So for instance, if a call has gone unanswered for 60 seconds an alert can be given to a manager. This leaves managers free to concentrate on other activities until an alert is raised.

NEC phone systems also include the operator console which can perform several different functions such as answering any calls from a queue or prioritising VIP callers.

These are just some of the available resources from the MyCalls system. Contact us to learn more.