Telephone Lines and Calls

At PTL Voice and Data we can tailor telephone lines and calls using VoIP Lines, Analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30.

We can review your requirements and provide you with the most cost effective solution from the range of Landlines we deal with.

Analogue Telephone Lines

This is the standard type of line installed in millions of UK businesses and homes. These are also known as PSTN Lines (Public Switch Telephony Network)

Multi Lines

These are mainly used by business using analogue lines as an alternative to a telephone system.
An example would be an office with 4 uses could have 4 lines and calls transferred around the group rather than a telephone system.

ISDN Lines (2 variants)

ISDN2 also known as BRI (basic Rate Interface) is a basic digital line providing 2 voice channels (2 x 64k channels). Voice Quality is far better than an analogue line with most clinets opting for ISDN2e for DDI numbering (Direct Dialing Inward).

ISDN30e is the ideal choice for larger businesses with the ability to provider up to 30 channels on each line.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP is designed to allow communication applications to run over your internet connection. This provides high voice quality whilst reataining flexibility at a low cost. You can also have non local exhange area numbers.