If you are looking for VoIP telephone system  there are  things to consider

1. Your Internet Service

A VoIP system, either cloud based or SIP lines quite simply  will not work with an inadequate Internet connection. Because VoIP runs entirely over the Internet, it’s important that you have enough bandwidth to allow for crystal clear calls.
We will check your Internet connection to make sure its up to the job.

2. Your Current Hardware

If your current equipment is IP enabled it may be possible to upgrade it rather than replacing it completely.
With a new hosted system you have no hardware on site except for the IP phones, with a system such as an NEC SL1100 or SV8100 it is possible to have SIP lines connected via the internet but use standard system telephones in your office, or a mix of both.

3. What is your Budget?

Budget is always a factor but consider all the factors. SIP lines are much cheaper that ISDN, fact. Hosted or Cloud based telephone systems eliminate the need for any hardware on site so is obviously much cheaper to supply.but you will norammly pay a price per handset per month.
The great thing about a VoIP phone system is that there is no system maintenance and updates on your system are automatic.. That means you won’t need to factor in these expensive costs that are typical with a traditional phone system. This allows you to create a manageable and predictable monthly bill for your system.
Hosted  or Cloud based however is not always the right solution and we offer unbiased advice for each customer.

Features to Consider

If you don’t use it now you almost definately will in the future.

  • Call Logging – Do you need it? Is it included or extra?
  • Call Barring – Barring users from dialing out certain numbers
  • Automated Attendant – Callers are offered a series of numbers to press to get to the correct department/extension
  • Conference Calling – Most systems provide this, but any handsets used must have a reliable and efficient microphone as well as a speaker
  • Paging – Again, ensure microphones and speakers are adequate. This is often not available on a hosted system but almost always on a site based system
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI) – Requires a good handset with an adequate display screen
  • Music on hold – Make sure a personal choice of music can be added, or a radio station.
  • Directory Phone Book – An internal directory listing all company contacts available for users to dial
  • Door System – the facility to link a door lock to the telephone system
  • Cordless or DECT phones – Are they required.
  • Call recording

Consider all the options and talk to PTL before selecting a system. Once features that are important to you have been decided on,  we can advise you of what type of system is correct for you.

Hints and tips

  • What level of staff training would be required?
  • Can staff reprogram extensions for different users from a PC.