Business Broadband

Benefit from Ultra Fast Business Broadband with a selection of packages designed to grow and the business grows.

At PTL Voice and Data we understand the role internet has in everyday business and the need to keep running. Our package can be tailored to your business needs and size.

Business Grade Broadband

Not all broadband speed is equal so we recommend Business Grade Broadband for any company connection. The main benefit is increased speed allowing numerous tasks to run at the same time.

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

Connect multiple offices, remote and mobile staff on a reliable and secure private network. Whether UK or International we are able to source solutions to meet your needs.

Fibre Broadband

We can supply Super Fast Fibre Broadband by using operators using fibre optic cables for increased speed.

Service Level Agreement (SLA’s)

Our Business Broadband packages are offered with a tailored Service Level Agreement to match your business.

Ethernet Leased Line

An ethernet leased line is a dedicated line meaning your bandwidth isn’t shared with other users. If you are using VoIP or sharing large data files then you can have identical download and upload speeds.