SD Wan or software defined Wide Area Network is a Business Wide Area Networking  solution that importantly can now replace expensive leased lines, MPLS  and EFM circuits.

Because SD WAN can work on multiple connection types such as XDSL and  FTTC etc it can give you many features that enable you to manage your business and staff better with up to 90% cost savings when compared to Leased lines , MPLS and EFM circuits.

With SD Wan you have the ability to manage and configure your entire organisation’s branch offices from a single portal.

Other SD WAN Features include:

  • Can use multiple connection types such as FTTC, xDSL, Ethernet layer2 or layer3, USB
  •  VPN- connectivity. Automatically connects branches or remote workers together
  • Will be easy to use and  manage multiple customers from one portal, with  multi-site overview and management.
  • Can reduce leased line, EFM and MPLS costs
  • SD WAN allows a mobile app or web portal to manage your business network
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts and Automatic failover between multiple connectivity suppliers
  • Dynamic path selection allows load sharing across WAN connections
  • LTE dongle can be used for automatic failover as a backup facility
  • Advanced security license allows features such as content filtering, anti-malware, anti-phishing and web search filtering to be enabled.
  • SD Wan uses GDPR compliant devices
  • SD Wan Diagram