NEC SV9100 Telephone Systems

NEC SV9100 telephone system is the latest in the NEC range of  NEC telephone systems.

  • Fully VoIP Enabled with a huge range of features including voicemail to email.
  • Offers integration to Various CRM packages such as Outlook, ACT Sage and Goldmine
  • The system can be connect on a single or multiple sites and has a wide range of cost effective handsets
  • One chassis delivers up to 80 traditional phones or nearly 900 IP phones.
  • Chain up to 4 chassis in a stack. You now have a system capable of nearly 400phones.
  • Link multiple stacks on the same site or spread across the globe  to a maximum of 50 stacks.

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NEC SV9100 Telephone System

Download a Brochure : My Calls Brochure : IP Dect Brochure

Easy to manage, the NEC SV9100 offers centralised management of your system. Moves, adds and changes of SV9100 phones are quick and easy, via intuitive, easy to use, PC Pro or Web Pro management tools. The NEC SV 9100 Phone System has a range of bolt on software and APPs, many of wich run from the main SV 9100 phone system and not a separate PC.


UC Suite provides receptionists with a pop-up window that displays caller information and enables them to answer calls, see colleague’s availability, transfer, park or take a message with a simple mouse click or a drag-and-drop.

Contact Centre

The UNIVERGE SV9100 Contact Centre provides a detailed view of call activity of all agents – statistics can be used to reduce abandoned calls and follow up on missed calls. Callers are kept informed with periodic announcements.

Office worker

The conference feature allows employees to effortlessly set up a virtual meeting for colleagues on short notice, wherever they are, enabling faster business decision making, as well as reducing travel time and expenses.

Remote / Home worker

UC Suite enables employees to use either their desktop phone or softphone at a remote or home office location to communicate with colleagues with the same ease as

IP Dect provides roaming capability regardless on the size of the site

Supplied with free MyCalls Desktop Lite with screenpop to Outlook and PC dialling and 12 months Mycalls call logging software.

Full information can be found in the brochures or call PTL on 0115 9655511 for a bespoke quotation