NEC SL2100

NEC has formally declaring the SV8100 and SL1100 end of life having been replaced by the SV9100 and SL2100 systems. This is being phased in over the next 12 months starting with the withdrawal from sale and support of its UC Suite and InApps software by 31st March 2018 followed by System and MyCalls licences as of 31st March 2019.

In short this  means that from 31st March 2019 no new hardware or user licenses for the NEC SV 8100 & SL1100 Systems or Application software (UC, InApps, MyCalls) will be available for sale and no further Software Updates will be made available.

NEC have introduced an upgrade path to the SV9100 with many components being transferred across to the SV9100 including all NEC Digital & IP handsets. This enables you to retain maximum investment in existing hardware and continue to enjoy full support and expansion capabilities, as well as access to new applications and stress-free conversions to SIP. The only hardware from the SL1100 that can be used on the SL2100 are the telephone handsets

This does not however include the CPU, VoIP or voicemail cards,  or any licences on the sv8100 such as SIP trunks or IP phones.

What can you do?

Many customers are  taking this opportunity to upgrading to a NEC SV9100 or SL2100 and explore converting legacy ISDN or Analogue Lines to modern SIP Trunks.  In addition to the many benefits gained from the new telephone system in you will also receive the extra advantages and savings of using SIP Trunks such as lower cost line rental and free phone calls,  and in some cases the upgrade even pays for itself through the savings of converting your lines. We have various SIP options available including Free call recording included with the SIP Lines.


If you do not currently want to upgrade PTL Voice & data are pleased to announce that due to our substantial legacy stock holding and excellent availability to replacement parts we will continue to offer the same great support to customers with the NEC SV8100*.

We would recommend though that If you feel that your business will be affected by the restriction on expansion it may be wise to add additional user licences such as SIP Lines, voicemail licences and IP extensions before the withdrawal date