The new NEC SL2100 system is a small business telephone system and step up from NEC’s SL1100.

It is offering  mobility and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) features for businesses that are customer service driven.

According to NEC it has a number of new features improved quality intended to make it comparable with larger systems at a much more competitive cost. Time will tell how it compares price wise to the SV 9100 and the SL1100, the latter it will no doubt replace at some point

NEC SL2100 Telephone System

Download a Brochure : MultiLine Terminal User Guide : Mobile Extension QRG : InHotel Info Sheet


NEC SL2100 includes features for mobility and remote workers, auto attendant, voicemail, audio/video conferencing and collaboration, call recording, and WebRTC.

Smart Mobility options , such as remote/home office support, mobile wireless handsets, smartphone SIP app, and mobile extensions.

The NEC SL 2100 Telephone System is the latest in the range of  NEC IP enabled Telephone Systems.

Currently running along side the NEC  SL 1100 system but will in future replace it.

It caters for 5 -100 plus users and comes as an IP enabled system out of the box.

Rack or wall mountable and supplied as a six slot system only, with the ability to add second and third six slot cabinets.

NEC SL 2100 is ideal for almost any business or organisation such as:


Customised recorded messages and greetings will allow callers to route themselves to the right department without speaking to an operator.

Out of hour messages can send email notifications to dedicated email addresses.

Small Hotels and Guest Houses;

The IN hotel APP is a feature rich low cost solution for up to 120 rooms.

Offering check- in, check-out, call records, and a host of other hotel management features it will integrate seamlessly with the SL2100 telephone system


Pre recorded messages offer calls any information you wish to relay to them.

By adding an IP DECT solution the staff are free to roam anywhere in the premises but still be contactable when they are needed.

Toll restriction can prevent unauthorised calls and save money.

Small and medium ( SMBs) Organisations;

With the ability to connect a wide range of NEC digital or IP key telephones, analogue telephones, voicemail, auto attendant, Contact Centre working, Call recording and much, much more, there are very few businesses that cant have their communication requirements met by The SL2100.


Low initial starting price and scalable to suit future growth.

As well as supporting the NEC DT 800 range of telephones, you can also connect the SL1100 IP4WW-12TXH or SV 9100 DT 400 or DT 700 range of telephones.

NEC IP DECT is also easily connected to the SL2100 using the standard AP400 access points and the standard IP dect cordless telephones.


Out of the box the NEC SL2100 offers 8 VOIP resources with the need for an VoIP card.

This can be used for SIP trunks, SIP extensions or a combination of both.

As well as VoIP or SIP lines, it is also possible to connect traditional telephone lines such as ISDN 2, ISDN 30 and analogue lines.

There is an inbuilt  4 channel voicemail with all mailboxes open using the enhanced C1-A CPU, and can be expanded to up to 16 voicemail channels. Voicemail to email is a one off licence for all mailbox users, and there are 4 mobile extension user licences also included.


A bespoke server is NOT Required

NEC Apps include:

InUC: offering video conferencing, document sharing, audio conferencing, presence.

In Reports: smart call management showing levels of customer server and a complete overview of the company telephones system in real time.


24/7 monitoring against Toll fraud and telephone abuse. once setup InGuard will email to alert you of suspicious activity and, if necessary, shut down outbound calls to prevent huge bills being run up by fraudsters.


A comprehensive property management system for the billing and administration of small hotels and guesthouses.


Mycalls manager, Mycalls, Desktop, Mycalls Call Center and Mycalls recorder are all available to connect to the SL 2100