NEC Aspire Telephone Systems


Communication without compromise.Fast, reliable and secure communications are what bind today’s businesses together.

The revolution currently taking place with the convergence of PSTN, broadband and mobile technologies means that anywhere in the world can be your office.

NEC is at the forefront of that revolution and, as one of the world’s great telecommunication companies, with an R&D budget of over £1 billion we are the world’s leading supplier of communication solutions.

NEC Aspire Telephone Systems

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When launched the NEC Aspire IP Communication systems represented the latest generation of IP telephony architectures. Aspire integrates the phone features that we take for granted onto a single IP highway. alternatively standard NEC Aspire handsets on traditional 1308 2 wire cabling can be used.

IP Phones can simply be connected to your office LAN,  and via the office router you can communicate with your customers and suppliers.

Aspire is the complete communications solution, integrating all of today’s communication technologies into a single, coherent business communication platform.

Mobile capability

You can use your GSM/3G cellular phone as your Aspire extension, transfer the caller to an Aspire IP extension in the next office, or to a sales colleague who is taking calls on his laptop or PDA softphone. If you need to call the warehouse, then use your cellular extension to call the remote DECT phone.

Mix and match

Businesses can adopt the latest communication technologies at a pace to suit them. A greenfield site might justify a total Aspire IP Telephony solution using your data infrastructure. Or you might need to integrate older technologies with IP. Aspire gives you all the benefits of traditional phone systems, together with the cost savings of IP. If you wish to use the traditional phone cabling, or have a mix of IP and traditional, the Aspire system flexibly adapts to your needs.


Use the Aspire MyVision Computer Telephony application suite to link to your business applications, improving service levels and response times.

This software can be used with any  NEC Aspire handsets

SIP future-proofing

Today’s ISDN-based phone network is being replaced in the future by a total IP-based phone network. Aspire is already compatible with many of the new generation SIP networks. Aspire allows you to migrate from an ISDN 2 or ISDN 30 network to SIP, whenever the time is appropriate for your business needs.

With NEC, you are assured of peace of mind. Meeting the diverse requirements of business customers has made NEC consistently one of the top five electronics suppliers.