This new NEC SL2100 system is a small business telephone system and step up from NEC’s SL1100.

It is offering  mobility and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) features for businesses that are customer service driven.

According to NEC it has a number of new features improved quality intended to make it comparable with larger systems at a much more competitive cost. Time will tell how it compares price wise to the SV 9100 and the SL1100, the latter it will no doubt replace at some point

Target Market

The NEC SL2100 provides VoIP, mobility, and UCC features.

It will have different offerings for retail, healthcare, food service, entertainment, and hospitality sectors.


NEC SL2100 includes features for mobility and remote workers, auto attendant, voicemail, audio/video conferencing and collaboration, call recording, and WebRTC.

Smart Mobility options , such as remote/home office support, mobile wireless handsets, smartphone SIP app, and mobile extensions.


NEC’s SL2100 Smart Communications System is currently available in North America, with the UK launch in Sep 2017.

It seems at present that this will still sit below the NEC SV 9100 system but expect to see the end of life for the NEC SL 1100 in the near future.

It is also unclear is the IP4WW-12TXH and IP4WW-24TXH phone will work on the new SL2100.