Get up to £2500.00 in Government vouchers towards Gigabit connections.

PTL are pleased to announce the introduction of the Gigabit Government voucher scheme, which is promoting Gigabit-capable connectivity across the UK.
We can offer small businesses up to £2,500 in gigabit vouchers as part of a £67 million in funding promotion.
Which is the Gigabit highway to the Cloud, and allows to access array of Cloud based solutions to help your business. The Voucher contributes toward the following qualifying costs up to a maximum of £2500 with our preregistered packages: New circuit connection costs, Router hardware (up to £250) Excess construction charges.

Claim up £2500 in Government funded Gigabit connection vouchers

and get Giga-Bit connectivity

What are the Benefits ?

Increase productivity and efficiency with guaranteed broadband ensuring you always have a constant, reliable Internet connection.

Move over to a cost effective and failsafe hosted solution

Benefit from the flexibility to work from anywhere and have little to no maintenance costs.

Reach for the Cloud and enjoy cloud-based communications solutions with unlimited ultrafast access.

Remember ISDN ends in 2025. Convert to SIP now and save.