NEC SV8100 Telephone Systems

The ultimate in unified communications The UNIVERGE NEC SV8100 is a unique communication solution for up to 500 users. Its expandability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform.

Business performance is improved significantly by making an entire workforce more reachable wherever they are based.

Part of the UNIVERGE 360 portfolio, the SV8100 creates ‘360-degree communication’ encompassing fixed, mobile and converged communication such as e-mail, presence and instant messaging. In short, it makes unified communication a reality.

NEC SV8100 Telephone Systems

The NEC SV 8100 system is now at end of life and all parts and licences will be withdrawn from sale by NEC on March 28th 2019. as NEC SV 8100 dealers we will still be able to offer refurbished telephones and system parts, and will also be banking a small number of SIP trunk and SIP extension licences.

PTL Voice and Data will continue to offer support for the NEC SV8100 phone system and supply licences as long as we have stock available.

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Key features:

The SV8100 is the ideal communication solution for almost any workplace, including:

The Small Office

Aggressively priced compared to other smaller systems, but with enormous scale ability as a business grows.


The SV8100 offers productivity and efficiency tools that are usually associated with more expensive, large corporate systems.

The Call Centre

Powerful call management software ensures customer service levels, and your workforce, are optimised at all times.

The Branch Office

These can benefit from highly cost-effective unique Netlink features – allowing multiple systems to operate as one. Netlink also offers multiple business continuity options.

The Homeworker

The latest VoIP technology ensures costs are minimised, and access to system features are maximised.

The Mobile Worker

Whether on-site or out in the field, our comprehensive mobile connectivity solutions ensure a user is contactable whenever and wherever they are. Cutting-edge features such as mobile extension are delivered with no additional cost.

Hotels and Hospitality

A range of specific features that will enhance a guest’s hospitality experience, while at the same time optimising staff efficiency.

Healthcare Environments

By simplifying and enhancing the communication process health professionals have more time to spend with patients. Response time is also improved substantially.

Specialised Professions

Legal and finance professions benefit from features such as call recording, which is effortless, easily accessed and completely secure.

PTL Voice and Data are a NEC Partner – Full installation, maintenance and support for the NEC SV8100 Phone System

For more information on the NEC SV8100 Phone System contact us today using our online enquiry form or Tel: 0115 9655511. PTL are accredited NEC SV8100 dealers