First Stage Machinery Group in Derbyshire and Nemus, another Company within the group operate from two different buildings approximately 100 metres apart across a small industrial park, with no easy method to install a cable between them.

In the interests of efficiency there was a requirement to have both businesses served by one telephone system, with the ability to answer each others calls and hold and transfer seamlessly. Both Companies had there own telephone numbers which had to be kept, and voicemail and auto attendant was also required.

In addition there was also a requirement for a telephone extension to be connected in a remote office in the midlands.

Having surveyed the site PTL were able to offer a solution that ticked all the boxes.

We firstly Installed directional WiFi between the buildings that provided an excellent data link.

An NEC SV 8100 system was then installed on both sites with the internal telephones and lines connected locally on each system.

Both systems were connected to the WiFi via Cat 5e cabling, and using by the NEC Netlink facility we effectively created one large telephone system.

The extension in the remote midland office was easily served by using a VoIP telephone connected over the exiting Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The end result was that one large system was established by linking the two smaller ones. Calls can be handled by either office even though they both have different working schedules and voicemail requirements.

The Customer also now has full access to his telephone system from his PC to carry out any programming changes he need to do, as well as PTL  being able to program the systems remotely.